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Benefits of Activity Based Costing Essay Example for Free

Advantages of Activity Based Costing Essay So as to make a benefit on creation, the firm would need to charge a value that is more prominent than the expense of creation. By and large, the expense of creation is comprehended to be the expense of delivering a decent in addition to the expense of transportation to the shopper. So as to remain in business, and along these lines, to maintain a strategic distance from misfortunes at all potential expenses †the firm should take care of all costs identified with the creation of the great and incorporate all expenses to convey the equivalent to the shopper at a value that is higher than the expenses of creation. The working or caught costs of an endeavor are produced by its exercises to play out its business as well as assembling forms effectively. As its name suggests, action based costing relates the costs confronting the undertaking to its different exercises. By so doing, this arrangement of costing gives quite precise data about expenses, permitting organizations to adequately deal with their overhead costs so as to build their incomes (Cooper, 1988). It is nevertheless commonsensical that organizations may chip away at reducing their expenses once they realize what is driving these expenses. By improving their procedures so as to reduce expenses, organizations may understand more noteworthy benefits than previously. In addition, by recognizing high costing exercises expected to deliver certain merchandise or serve certain clients, organizations may choose to concentrate rather on low costing items or clients by lessening their creation of or administration to high costing items or clients. Along these lines, they may move their concentration to items or clients that are increasingly gainful to create or to serve. Hence, the executives specialists refer to the accompanying advantages of movement based costing rather than customary techniques for costing: Recognizing the most and least gainful clients, items and channels. Decide the genuine benefactors to†and spoilers fromâ€financial execution. Precisely anticipate costs, benefits and asset necessities related with changes underway volumes, authoritative structure and asset costs. Effectively distinguish the main drivers of poor monetary execution. Track expenses of exercises and work forms. Outfit chiefs with cost insight to drive upgrades. Encourage better Marketing Mix. Upgrade the dealing power with the client. Accomplish better Positioning of items. (â€Å"Activity Based Costing,† 2008). Organizations that advantage the most from action based costing are those with high assembling working costs or overhead expenses. These expenses may result from a differing extent or items, force of capital, or vertically coordinated arrangement of assembling. Action based costing may help such organizations not exclusively to see yet in addition to control their working costs in order to expand their incomes (O’Guin, 1991, p. 76). Associations with enormous promoting, deals or circulation expenses may likewise receive extraordinary rewards from movement based costing. As referenced beforehand, this strategy for costing distinguishes those clients that are generally beneficial from those that are least productive. This gives understanding to the executives on the most proficient method to improve tasks. With action based costing, such organizations might have the option to respond to addresses, for example, â€Å"What limits are fitting for huge requests? What size records should salespersons no longer approach? How compelling is promoting to various markets? † (O’Guin, p. 76). Firms that are encountering lazy or low benefit on expanding deals might be experiencing development that is unmanaged. It might just be that these organizations are offering items at misfortunes to various clients. The bookkeeping arrangement of precisely estimating costs, that is, action based costing, would permit these organizations to figure out which of their clients and items are producing incomes and which are not (O’Guin, p. 76). O’Guin portrays another advantage of the movement based costing framework along these lines: Indeed, even with a various product offering or client base and extremely high productivity, an organization coming up short on an ABC framework is shockingly defenseless. Item productivity likely differs generally over the organization. Profoundly beneficial items present a powerful objective to new market participants. The executives should know which items are harvesting huge edges, so they can erect obstructions to section. (p. 76). Likewise as per O’Guin, the movement based costing framework gives vital as well as strategic advantages to organizations that actualize it. Though benefits that are vital in nature might be acknowledged just a single time in a blue moon, for the straightforward explanation that associations can't be relied upon to change their valuing, business activities, conveyance or assembling forms every year †strategic advantages might be acknowledged continually. Without a doubt, action based costing could help organizations with decrease of overhead expenses, yet in addition in the nick of time support, improvement of value, choices about plan, and interest in capital. Along these lines, organizations that execute the movement based costing framework may improve their gainfulness on a progressing premise (O’Guin, p. 76). In the twenty first century, organizations that have a serious edge are those that look after adaptability, a pattern that has been perceived as a basic factor for progress since the 1990s. Life patterns of items have been abbreviated and center around the client has gotten progressively significant. As economies of scale for all intents and purposes vanish, fabricating plants that are effective are those that can rapidly present imaginative items and financially produce little amounts. Action based costing framework can help organizations immensely to accomplish these objectives. Also, this arrangement of costing could help organizations of the twenty first century to accomplish their objective to expand representative inspiration. With the action based costing framework set up, workers increment their comprehension of business exercises and along these lines their contribution in business tasks. All in all, for instance, at whatever point they see a hill of papers they would see overhead costs, driving them to the accompanying inquiries: Why do we have such a significant number of bills? For what reason are there such a large number of procedure engaged with our buy orders (O’Guin, p. 76)? Consequently, the movement based costing framework urges organizations to push their paces of cost drivers down. This aides in the decrease of time to arrangement, smoothes out purchasing, notwithstanding time taken to improvement an item. At the point when expenses are joined to every one of these procedures or exercises, the executives may quantify as well as plan improvement (O’Guin, p. 76). As referenced previously, a portion of these upgrades may involve diminishing creation of products or administration to clients that cost more to deliver or support than the others. Subsequently, the movement based costing framework may likewise lead the business that actualizes it to enhance its promoting blend or situating of its items. On the off chance that items and clients that cost more than the others are required by the organization to deliver or serve in a similar amount as in the past, in any case, movement based costing framework causes the association to improve its procedures so as to diminish its expenses without lessening the amount to create or serve. All things considered, it is just conceivable to improve wasteful procedures. Since movement based costing permits the organization to gauge the expenses of exercises against their advantages, firms that utilization it are in an extraordinary situation to build the effectiveness of the entirety of their procedures in order to increase upper hands. References Activity Based Costing. (2008). Worth Based Management. Recovered Jan 27, 2009, from http://www. valuebasedmanagement. net/methods_abc. html. Cooper, R. (1988, Summer). The Rise of Activity-Based Costing †Part One: What is an Activity-Based Cost System? Diary of Cost Management, pp. 45-54. O’Guin, M. C. (1991). The Complete Guide to Activity-based Costing. Chicago, IL: CCH Tax and Accounting.

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Pollution of environment during, petroleum and gas synthesis Essay

Contamination of condition during, oil and gas union - Essay Example As indicated by Obadina (2007), oil creation in Canada rose from 1.8 million barrels to 3.1 million barrels for every day somewhere in the range of 1984 and 2003. Valuing the across the board worldwide utilization of oil and gas items, this paper tries to diagram the ecological contamination coming about because of the union of oil and gas, giving proposals on anticipation draws near. Natural contamination would be acknowledged as the procedure of man bringing vitality or substances into the condition that could make risks the strength of people, hurt biological frameworks and living assets and meddle with or harm the authentic utilization of the earth (Walker et al. 2006). The oil business envelops different exercises in investigation, creation and transportation of about 3.5 billion tons and 2.5 giga m3 of unrefined petroleum and gaseous petrol individually and different subsidiaries around the globe every year (Walker et al. 2006). After the investigation procedure distinguishes a n economically reasonable hold, the extraction of oil and gas would be helped out through boring by utilization of exceptional advances (Vidal 2012). The removed hydrocarbon item would then be isolated into gas and fluids and got dried out to dispose of overabundance water. This would then be part into different oil and gas items. ... The blend procedure includes investigation and creation of the results of flammable gas and unrefined petroleum. It includes the investigation and arrangement of well locales, penetrating, creation of raw petroleum and gas and on location handling. The amalgamation of oil and petroleum gas items as saw by Kaiser and Pulsipher (2007) begins with the bringing to over the ground raw petroleum and flammable gas which would thusly be prepared to different items for dispersion to buyers. All the while, the industry adds to air, water and soil contamination with the segments of the assets being handled and the resulting side-effects and items, the last being the key toxins. Gaseous petrol would essentially contain methane with water and carbon dioxide as pollutions. Unrefined oils shift broadly in consistency and shading however concentrates by Kaiser and Pulsipher (2007) show 79.5% to 87.3%, 10.4% to 14.8%, 0 to 8%, 0 to 2%, 0 to 0.1% and 0 to 0.005% carbon, hydrogen , sulfur, oxygen, nitr ogen and metals structure individually. The primary constituents are hydrocarbons of differed types and sub-atomic masses with somewhere in the range of 1 and 60 carbon particles. The blend of gas includes handling petroleum gas by dewatering and expelling its corrosive parts, for example, hydrogen sulfide followed by possible expulsion of carbon dioxide. Regardless of avoiding potential risk against natural contamination, Obadina (2007) acknowledges that mishaps happen intermittently over the span of delivering oil and gas. Air contamination during the time spent oil and gas amalgamation happens through burning discharges, criminal outflows, process emanations, optional discharges and from dealing with and capacity of oil fluids

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We Want You!

We Want You! As per usual, CPW has again come and again, all of the prefrosh will be going insane trying to eat 500 lbs of food, watch people juggle with fire, run around campus at odd hours of the night, watch NextACT, and basically not sleep for an entire weekend. Current students/bloggers love to participate in CPW as well, but its really about the prefrosh experience, which is why we like to let YOU blog CPW. Bryan started this system two years ago and we continued it last year (with some issues, but well fix those this year!). So, here it is, the official I want to write a guest entry for the MIT blogs about my experience at CPW rules. You have to attend CPW to write an entry You must use paragraphs in your entry (personal peeve, I hate writing that is just a continuous block of text) Pictures are mucho preferred You should have your entry written sometime during the week after CPW Go ahead and upload all of the pictures using the blogging software of your choice and just send a text file containing the HTML code for the entry. Bloggers will go through it and make sure there are no formatting issues or dead images when it gets posted. Make it awesome! Nobody wants to read a boring blog entry about CPW. This year is a bit different. Only three entries will be published, as selected by Paul Baranay, Bryan Owens, and myself. Last year we went a bit overboard, so this year were being more selective. If youd like to declare your intentions, shoot us an e-mail before CPW, but if you dont then no sweat, you can still submit a blog entry without prior warning. Please send entries to snively [at] mit . edu ask-paul [at] mit . edu bryanblogs [at] mit . edu We will go through and pick our favorite three. Happy writing! Remember, make sure you get it to us within a week after CPW!

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Martin Luther King - 1610 Words

Martin Luther King The most important person to have made a significant change in the rights of Blacks was Martin Luther King. He had great courage and passion to defeat segregation and racism that existed in the United States, and it was his influence to all the Blacks to defy white supremacy and his belief in nonviolence that lead to the success of the Civil Rights movement. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia where the city suffered most of the racial discrimination in the South, and, in addition, the Ku Klux Klan had one of its headquarters there. But it was his father, Martin Luther King Sr. who played an important role in shaping the personality of his son. M.L. Sr. helped to advocate the idea that†¦show more content†¦As a result, King suggested that they create a permanent organization. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was formed. One of the instrumental factors which aided King to his role in the Civil Rights Movement was Senator John F. Kennedys support for his beliefs. Kennedy showed his support when King, for example, was found guilty of driving with an invalid license, and was find $25 plus one years probation. When police arrested him again during the probationary period, he was sentenced to four months in a jail which demanded heavy labour. This jail was also the home of KKK criminals. Senator Kennedy promised to help King and by doing so, won the support of 75% blacks. King urged for Kennedy to help the Civil Rights Movement, and so the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) decided to see for themselves whether the banning of segregation was actually working. These civil rights activists were called Freedom Riders. But white activists beat them and burnt the buses they were on. King realised that the media was a very powerful tool when they covered the use of violence by the KKK. The continual effort to strengthen the message for rights can be outlined in Birmingham, Alabama. After King and three other leaders were released from jail (they were arrested because during one of his organized protests), they were surprised to find that 1000 youths were protesting. Though 900 were arrested, the next day 2500 children wereShow MoreRelatedThe And Martin Luther King2263 Words   |  10 Pageshr and Martin Luther King were seekers of justice and embraced liberal protestant outlooks early on. The similarities in their theology, while not surprising as King derived much of his material from Niebuhr, proved to be uncanny in that they both concerned themselves with how the church should operate within society, the way love should be implemented in the ethics of individuals, and social change brought forth by nonviolence. Niebuhr’s quest for justice was in result to the horrific events heRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr.1078 Words   |  5 PagesMartin Luther King, Jr., was a very strong person, constantly fighting for what he believed in, which was equality for African Americans. He was not scared to stand up and tell the world what he wanted for society. He was fearless and did everything in his power to prove a point. Martin Luther King, Jr., was the strongest individual of his time, for he fought until death, which proves how much he was willing to risk his life to make the world an equal place. Growing up, he had a very interestingRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr.1144 Words   |  5 PagesMartin Luther King Jr. (January 15 1929-April 4, 1968) Brief Summary (of who MLK Jr. is): Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and an activist who led the civil rights movement in the 1950. He was a fundamental force behind the civil rights movement that ended legal segregation. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. But he was sadly assassinated in 1968 on a second floor balcony of Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee†¦ Childhood: Martin Luther was never poor. He lived with a middleRead MoreDr. Martin Luther King874 Words   |  4 PagesDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes this letter as a response to the clergymen, who criticized and impeded the nonviolent campaign led by King in Birmingham. In his long letter, Marin Luther King presents a good deal of rational reasons for why the nonviolent campaign should be done in Southern America. He also demonstrates his unmovable determination to accomplish the goal of this nonviolent campaign. Obviously, King intends to awake the clergymen and other opponents by this touching letter. FromRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr.2405 Words   |  10 PagesMartin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and social activist, who led the Civil Rights Movement in the United States from the mid-1950s until his death by assassination in 1968. IN THESE GROUPS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO DIED IN 1968 FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO WENT TO PRISON FAMOUS CAPRICORNS Show All Groups 1 of 19  «  » QUOTES â€Å"But we come here tonight to be saved from that patience that makes us patient with anything less than freedom and justice.† —Martin Luther King Jr. Read MoreDr. Martin Luther King1101 Words   |  5 PagesDr. Martin Luther King is a very passionate, motivating and an inspiring speaker. His â€Å"I Have a Dream is a perfect example of pathos. His speech had so much passions that it filled the audience with so much emotions. Even though there is a strong presence of pathos, than logo and ethos. They are very much present in his speech. On August 28, 1963, on a Washington DC street filled with over 250,000 demonstrators [black and white, young and old] came together to witness Dr. Martin Luther King speaksRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr.881 Words   |  4 PagesMartin Luther King Jr. â€Å" If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.† (King). Martin Luther King Jr. is a name many know. He was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in a very religious family, with his father being a pastor, and all. He was galvanized by his father and became a Baptist minister and social minister after he attended Boston University at the age of 15. He, laterRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr.951 Words   |  4 PagesMartin Luther King Jr. is one of the heroes that made an enormous impact on society and the history of the United States. King was born in January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a difficult time in the world and he finds it very difficult to play with other boys in town. Their parents never let them play with poor Michael (which is his original name). He doesn’t realize it at the time, but the color of his skin is the cause of many injustices for the rest of his life. His family has alwaysRead MoreMartin Luther King And Gandhi910 Words   |  4 Pages Martin Luther King Jr. had illustrated civil disobedient to the world during a challenging time, by quoting inspirational words from Gandhi and Thoreau. Gandhi had also quoted Thoreau throughout his stimulating time. Before Martin Luther King and Gandhi, Thoreau exemplified civil disobedience in the 1800’s. The purpose of Thoreau’s civil disobedience was to make a different world. King and Gandhi had the same purpose. That is one of the main reasons why they connected to Thoreau’s essay. BornRead MoreDr. Martin Luther King1647 Words   |  7 PagesKing was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. (1899–1984) and Alberta Williams King (1904–1974).[1] King s legal name at birth was Michael King,[2] and his father was also born Michael King, but the elder King changed his and his son s names following a 1934 trip to Germany to attend the Fifth Baptist World Alliance Congress in Berlin. It was during this time he chose to be called Martin Luther King in honor of the German reformer Martin Luther

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A Brief Note On Education And Individual Education

One size fits all. One and done. These terms are used to describe everything from clothes to sports. But do these terms apply to education and individual education programs for students? I do not believe that we, as educators, can create a â€Å"one size fits all† education plan for special needs students. When it comes to a student with disabilities educational placement and the consideration of inclusion, I believe that the educational placement decision should be determined on an individual student basis. There are many advantages, as well as, some disadvantages of inclusion for students with and without disabilities. Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the inclusion, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) must be explored. IDEA states that all special needs students should be placed in their least restricted environment (LRE). As stated in the civil rights law, the least restrictive environment is explained, To the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities, including children in public or private institutions or other care facilities, are educated with children who are not disabled, and special classes, separate schooling, or other removal of children with disabilities from the regular educational environment occurs only when the nature or severity of the disability of a child is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily, (Building the Legacy: IDEAShow MoreRelatedDimensions of Diversity1127 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Introduction Each and every individual has his own unique characteristics that set him or her apart from other people. In that case, diversity as a term is used to denote any dimension utilized to bring out or identify the various differences between people and groups. It is important to note that today, with the world increasingly becoming a truly global village, it has become necessary for individuals to appreciate and embrace differences in others. In this text, I define diversity and highlightRead MoreThe On The Australian Government Sponsored Program, Blurred Minds779 Words   |  4 PagesThe Australian Government sponsored program, Blurred Minds, is in need of your help with a game! A game was created by the government and it need improving. We need you to create a game brief to pitch your ideas. The winners who produce the best pitch will win a contract to create the game, including the prize of $5000 total. What - Game Objective Overall the aim of the game is to facilitate a virtual simulation of drinking scenarios teenagers may be exposed to in the real world and for the playerRead MoreWhy School Report Cards Merit A Failing Grade Essay1526 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this paper is to serve as a critique of the education brief entitled, â€Å"Why School Report Cards Merit a Failing Grade,† written by Kenneth R. Howe and Kevin Murray of The University of Colorado Boulder for the National Education Policy Center. The purpose of the brief was to examine the practice by state governments of developing school accountability ratings systems, which rate schools across their respective states with an A-F, report card-style grade as a form of institutionalRead MoreHealth Promotion Among Black or African Population Gcu1095 Words   |  5 PagesPopulation [Your Name] Grand Canyon University: Family-Centered Health Promotion(NRS-429V) January 10, 2016 Health Promotion Among Black or African American Population The Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] (2015) notes that â€Å"Starting in 1997, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires federal agencies to use a minimum of five race categories: White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific IslanderRead MoreThe Decline of The U.S. Education System Essay971 Words   |  4 PagesEducation in the United States has long been a concerned issue for teachers, parents, and communities. It is a major political topic, in which government has shown continuous efforts to compare and evaluate standards from state to state by creating and monitoring various programs for overall academic improvement across the country. Proper education has now become a moral necessity in order for individuals and societies to grow and succeed. Some of the major issues in the U.S. educational systemRead MoreA Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid1266 Words   |  6 Pageswesterner, and individuals who are the product of colonialism. Most western education does not teach the full context of colonialism. The extension of students’ knowledge is the Berlin conference of 1884, which divided African territory between Europeans and US leaders without the inclusion of Africans. The education in the West does not delve into the impact of the conference after colonialism. There is never a mention about the lack of identity throughout the region, the lackluster of education, or theRead MoreJust Plain Data Analysis : Measuring Racial And Ethnic Inequality991 Words   |  4 Pagesanalyze racial and ethnic disparities in different spheres such as income and wealth, health, education, and criminal justice. After summarizing the chapter, Klass’s methodology and findings can be discussed and evaluated. Klass introduces the chapter by telling a brief anecdote about Bill Cosby and how he responded to criticism he received regarding a speech he gave to commemorate the Brown v. Board of Education case. In his speech, Cosby made a lot of claims about issues such as African Americans droppingRead MoreThe Stata And Hlm Software1316 Words   |  6 Pagesproficiency across the three time points. The proficiency levels include Level 1- algebraic expressions; Level 2- Multiplicative and proportional thinking; Level 3 –Algebraic equivalents; Level 4- Systems of Equations; and Level 5 Linear functions (Note that the higher levels infers mastery of the lower levels) (see Ingels et al., 2011). A standardized score of algebra achievement will also be used to compare the achievement scores of groups within the states. The standardized score, which is setRead MoreWide Range Of Developing Academic Study Skills900 Words   |  4 Pagesachieve high expectations in Higher Education, developing a range of effective study skills and strategies, is an absolute necessity to fulfil any criteria! Of course revising is a beneficial accolade, both on subject matter and examination preparation. Most students, successful academic students, have developed their own study strategies for examinations and academic writing (Lengefield, 1994). However, revising alone, is just not enough. Developing study skills in note taking, critical thinking, structuringRead MoreWhat Impact Did The Protestant Reformation900 Words   |  4 PagesWhat impact did the Protestant Reformation have on sixteenth-century society and women in particular? Look at topics such as marraige, education, women s religious duties, and even love and sex The Protestant Reformation was one of the important iconic moments in our history, especially for women, then and now. Before I get into answering the question, I thought it would be right to give a little information about The Protestant Reformation which happened from 1517-1648. The Protestant Reformation

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The Myth of Cyberterrorism Free Essays

Problems in economy With using viruses, worm has costed to the USA $15 bil 2 Mind hackers targeted government computers Content and Organisation Read the paragraph below taken from the text â€Å"Myth of Cyberterrorism† and analyse the content and organisation. â€Å"The main reason for this controversy is that cyber-threats have not materialized as a national security threat, even granted that there have been some few incidents with at least some potential for grave consequences. Interestingly enough, both hypers and de-hypers tend to agree on this point. We will write a custom essay sample on The Myth of Cyberterrorism or any similar topic only for you Order Now But while the first group assumes that vicious attacks that wreak havoc and paralyze whole nations are imminent, more cautious researchers often point to the practical difficulties of a serious cyberattack (Ingles-le Nobel, 1999), question the assumption of critical infrastructure vulnerabilities (Lewis, 2002; Smith, 1998, 2000), or point to unclear benefits of cyber- attacks for terrorist groups (Barak, 2004). Despite this caution, however, even the second group contends that one â€Å"cannot afford to shrug off the threat† (Denning, 001 a) due to unclear and rapid tuture technological development as well as dynamic change of the capabilities of terrorism groups themselves (Technical Analysis Group, 2003). To summarize the debate in a nutshell: due to too many uncertainties concerning the scope of the threat, experts are unable to conclude whether cyber-terror is fact or fiction, or, since they are unwilling to dismiss the threat completely, how long it is likely to remain fiction. How to cite The Myth of Cyberterrorism, Papers

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International Relations Of Asia Essay Example For Students

International Relations Of Asia Essay International Relations Of Asia Essay STRATEGIC GEOMETRY This is the only region in the world where so many combinations and permutations of two- three and four- and even two plus four or three plus three- power games can be played on the regional chessboard with all their complexities and variations. introduction The concept of strategic geometry comprises the notion that that the interactions and interconnections between a number of political actors within a particular system of international relations, either global or regional can be seen in terms of geometric patterns of strategic configurations. It can be a case of simple geometry, in which A interacts with B: but in a more complex system such as that of Asia, with the presence of more than one major actor, each with their distinct, sometimes conflicting political agendas, the interaction between A and B will be likely to affect C or influenced by C. The concept of an international system itself implies that events are not random, and units within the system are interrelated in some patterned way. This patterning maybe envisaged or conceptualized as patterns of strategic geometry. Any attempt to analyze the transition from a Cold War system of international relations to a post Cold War one, will incorporate an analysis of the general nature of the system itself, in this case the system of international relations in Asia; of the actors involved and their respective roles; how changes in the political environment and in specific policies of the actors shape the evolution of a new system; and finally the nature of the new system with its own actors, their new roles, and new concerns. The concept of strategic geometry enables us to understand these changes in the political dynamics from one system to another, in our case the transition from the Cold War to the post Cold War era, by serving as an analytic tool. If we view the international relations of Asia, more and the interactions of the main actors in terms of strategic configurations and geometric patterns of alignments and oppositions, then we can assess changes in the political system over time by way of the changes in the strategic geometry. Some strategic configurations change, others remain the same, while new patterns of strategic geometry appear, as the old forms dissolvethe explanations behind the shifting pattern of strategic geometry is what enables us to understand the transition from the Cold War era to the post Cold War. Geopolitical and politico-economic factors have in some cases changed the content, but not the form of the particular strategic configurations and in some cases however, we find both form and content are changed. In my essay I will focus on this dual analysis of the content and form of the major patterns of strategic geometry and their change over time from Cold War to post Cold War. In order to assess the usefulness of the concept of strategic geometry, we must first see how well the concept is expressed in the international relations of Asia. Firstly I will briefly outline the general strategic concerns or tenets of the Cold War era, the roles and interactions of the actors involved, and the major strategic geometric patterns this produced. The second part of my essay will comprise an analysis of the evolution of the system, and the tenets of the new post cold war system, drawing attention at the same time to the usefulness of the concept of strategic geometry to explain the transition. One may even conceptualize pre -Cold War international relations in strategic geometric terms: the past is replete with instances of three-way interactions between Japan, China and the Soviet Union. According to Mandlebaum, the fate of the region has for the last two centuries depended on the fate of three major powersChina, Japan and Russia, on the stability and tranquillity of their mutual relations. Hence we may presume that it is not novel or unknown to apply the concept of strategic geometry to Asia and as I shall illustrate it will prove particularly useful in understanding the transition from the Cold War to the post Cold War era. Mozart Argumentative Essay Let us begin with a simpler model of strategic geometry which existed in Europe during the Cold War. From 1948 onwards, a more or less clear-cut line divided Europe into two main political and military blocs: the communist bloc and the free world of Western Europe, resulting in an almost perfect bipolarity. However, the politics in Asia during the same period were more dynamic and nuanced than just the simple East-West divide of Europe. Here, there .